Dollfie Vampire Outfit Set

(PO) Dollfie Vampire Outfit Set (Oct 2018)

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SecondaryName: (PO) Dollfie Vampire Outfit Set (Oct 2018)
Series: Original Character
Company: Volks
Release date: October 2018
Size: 1/3 (-)
Category: Fashion Doll
Closing Date: 1 March 2018


Beautiful, mysterious vampire…
“Hatsune Miku Vampire Frstival”
Was held in Shibuya Marui.
A dress in the key visual artwork
For the event is now release as a DD outfit set!

Designed by PEACH-PIT.
Authors of “Rozen Maiden”!
DD Hatsune Miku will look Beautiful
And mysterious in this special dress.

Vampire Outfit Set

Size: DDS (SS/S Bust Only), DDS Boys, DD (SS/S Bust Only), DD Boys

Includes: Hair Ribbon (×2), Headdress, Necklace, Dress, Gloves, Petticoat, Socks, Shoes

Model used in image: DD Hatsune Miku (SS Bust)