Mr.Metal Color MC216 - Bronze

Mr.Metal Color MC216 - Bronze

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Secondary Name: Mr.Metal Color MC216 - Bronze
Series: Modeling Tools
Company: Mr.Hobby
Release date: May 2017
Size: 10ml
Category: Tools


Metal Color when polished, Mr. Metal Color reproduced the gleam of metal, something no ordinary paint can ever do.
Method of use
1.When using a brush, always paint in the same direction, eg. left to right or top to bottom.
2.After dry, use a piece of gauze, tissue, cloth etc. to polish.
You can create interesting effects depending on how you polish.
Use different polishing techniques in each case, eg. no polished (for a
mat effect), half-polished or very well polished.

Apply Mr. Top Coat to prevent Oxidation.

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