Harolds Gear DG – Kamen Rider 45 Anniversary Watch – Cyclone Model

Harolds Gear DG – Kamen Rider 45 Anniversary Watch – Cyclone Model

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Secondary Name: 假面騎士
Series: Kamen Rider
Company: Harolds Gear
Release date: August 2017
Size: H5.0x W4.5x D1.2cm
Category: Accessories


Designed by Harolds Gear DG "Chronograph Watch"

In the memorable year of the 45th anniversary of Kamen Rider,

★ Concept
Motorcycle wear brand Harolles Gear designer,

★ Design
Masked Rider's car "Cyclone" is boldly arranged with a motif.
Based on the color scheme of the cyclone, a dial with a tachometer motif and a second hand.
The black painted bezel design, the Cyclone off-road tire

Eagle, globe, knife, secret evil organization motif image shocker image
Skillfully take in the layout and recall the shocker bone combatant mask throughout the dial.
A reddish looking color that will make you feel at ease with the color scheme of monotone. It gathered up in a chic and fearless design.

★ Specification
[Size] Watch body H 5.0 x W 4.5 x D 1. 2 cm (excluding crown and nail parts)

To adjust the length of the band, please contact the nearest watch store. Also, if you are going to adjust by yourself, please use special tools.

[Materials] Body: Stainless steel / Belt: Stainless steel
[Producer] China / Movement Made in Japan
[Precision] With average monthly difference within ± 20 seconds (when worn on arm on normal temperature + 5 ° C to + 35 ° C)
[Room temperature range] + 5 ° C. to + 35 ° C.
[Operating temperature range] -5 ° C to + 50 ° C
[Display content] Analog 6 needles
(Hour hand, minute hand, second hand, 24 hour hand, minute watch, minute hand, stopwatch second hand)
[Driving method] 2 axes step motor type 2 pieces
[Waterproof performance] 10 ATM (100 m waterproof)
[Target age] 15 years old and over

※ Depending on the constitution itching may cause rash, so if you feel abnormal skin, please stop using and consult a specialist.
※ Battery replacement and belt adjustment requires expertise, so please ask the watch specialist.

※ Harolds Gear / HAROLD'S GEAR is a registered trademark of LAND & SEA Corporation.